The program is offered free of charge, but if you decide to donate on the development, I will not mind :-)

Install file of version for Windows Mobile 5.x and 6.x
6.6.2014 (1006.26 KiB, 341 downloads)

Download the file, save it into PDA, find it in explorer (in PDA) and install it tapping on the file.
After installation read and perform first steps

Other languages for version 1.6.0
Portuguese by (3.29 KiB, 595 downloads)
Download, unzip and place to application folder in PDA
Other languages for version 1.5.1
German by (4 KiB, 847 downloads)
Greek by (5.03 KiB, 386 downloads)
Download, unzip and place to application folder in PDA


Registration Registration of program is a reward for your donation and unlocks some features that can make life more pleasant, but we can operate without them. In current version they are:

If you decide to send me any donation, contact me via geocaching profile profil and I will send you your personal registration code. This code should be entered to corresponding field in Settings/Personal.

When you enter the code, close the dialog and restart PocketDrake. In the case, the code is valid, new functions are unlocked and there is a check mark in Settings dialog.


GeoGet is noncommercial cache manager (like GSAK). You can download and use GeoGet for free.

GeoGet Synchronization

Plugin for synchronization of database between PocketDrake and GeoGet


More in chapter Cooperation with PC software

Changelog (6.6.2014) (1006.26 KiB, 341 downloads)

  • switch to Geocaching Live API V6 due to turn off V5 (30.11.2011) (1006.25 KiB, 9558 downloads)

  • support of Geocaching Live API
    • import nearest caches (basic data or full listing)
    • update of selected cache
    • send log
  • mass operation on selected caches
    • quick update of status (Geocaching Live API)
    • full update (Geocaching Live API)
    • download maps around caches and waypoints (registered users)
  • image gallery (after import using API, GPX does not contain information about images)
  • display of Favorite Points

When using on-line features first time, you will log into site. In case of any troubles or if you want to log in again, go to Settings, Personal tab.

Following restrictions are valid by Groundspeak licence agreement:

Basic Member Premium Member
Download caches around selected point – lite data Up to 10 000 caches, traditional caches only Up to 10 000 caches, all cache types
Download caches around selected point – full data Not allowed Up to 6 000 caches, all cache types
Update status of selected caches by GC codes No limits No limits
Refresh full data of selected caches by GC codes Not allowed Up to 6 000 caches, all cache types
Refresh full data of single cache by GC code Max. 3 caches per 24 hours, all cache types Up to 6 000 caches, all cache types
Send log to web No limits No limits

Please note, there is also limit of downloads per minute. An error message will be issued if your downloads are too fast. In this case wait for a while and try it again.

Hint: to quickly import nearest caches use download of basic data, full listing can be imported later. (23.9.2011) (903.34 KiB, 10647 downloads)

  • bug fixes
  • automatic check for new version (10.9.2011)

  • filter enhancements
  • quick map switching
  • bug fixes (5.5.2011)

  • fix for the new website
  • improvements of finger friendly editor
  • second note for waypoint according to GeoGet
  • partial support for landscape mode (3.3.2011)

  • a few minor bugs fixed (26.2.2011)

  • simple import and display of planned route (no navigation)
  • increased limit of exported FieldNotes
  • fixed bug in importin of own logs
  • finger friendly text and coordinates editing
  • a few minor improvements (10.1.2011) (873.23 KiB, 8477 downloads)

  • track manager
  • tags - searching by category without specification of value
  • fixed update of manually created waypoints
  • fixed menu for sorting cache list
  • import of nearest caches - distance 0 means no limits (like in filter) (31.12.2010)

  • averaging of coordinates and saving them into ad-hoc waypoints
  • trip statistics (odometer, average speed, elevation profile)
  • update and import of listig from the web - GPX is downloaded, you should be Premium Member
    • update of listing directly from cache detail
    • download of single cache by GC code
    • download of neighbourhood of selected point
  • send logs to the web (for everyone)
  • alert on proximity of target point
  • reference point can be selected from Ad-hoc waypoints
  • fixed import of GPX
  • fixed „Unspecified error“ during save of field note
  • number of finds is displayed in status line
  • different bacground of menus
  • tags - display, add, remove and simple selection by them
  • attachements - display attachements from GeoGet (28.11.2010) (811.87 KiB, 932 downloads)

  • folder for offline images changes (instead img use offline\inc in correspondence to GeoGet, please, delete or move old images yourself, there is no migration tool)
  • support for displaying of offline listing from GeoGetu (if listing is available)
  • minor change in GPX import - check of validity of GC code, update of existing caches (experimental)
  • splash screen on start and PocketDrakeSync communication
  • move to SQLite 3.7.3
  • extended map drawing
    • usage of similar tiles of the same map source (hiking x basic x ortophoto)
    • generating of missing tiles from other zoom - allows to zoom to bigger detail (registration required)
  • formula solver (registration required) (7.11.2010)

  • fix for a few problems in version 1.2.0 - database initialization, export Field Notes
  • minor improvements of map
  • conversions of number formats bin-oct-dec-hex (3.11.2010) (722.78 KiB, 1044 downloads)

  • filter manager
  • creating of waypoint from coordinates in clipboard
  • copy&paste mostly everywhere
  • selection of initial screen of screen detail
  • added imperial units (miles, feets)
  • translator of morse and roman number
  • other minor changes and updates

1.1.4 (698.22 KiB, 1268 downloads)

  • first english version

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